Interventional Pain Care

Ivy League Trained & Certified in advanced pain procedures

The New Patient Visit

At MVM Health Pain Vein and Wellness we take the time to support our patient’s pain care needs. We provide individualized treatment options after a thorough diagnostic work-up. Some of the treatment options may include referral to physical therapy, use of minimally invasive image guided interventional pain procedures, and medication management. Our physicians will work with you to pin point the precise cause of your pain as well as offer a variety of options to manage your chronic pain condition. We will also work with your primary care provider or referring provider to keep them informed of your treatment and progress.

Preparation for your New Patient Pain Consultation at MVM Health Pain Vein and Wellness

  • Prior to your new visit, please fill out the following forms: Release of Medical Record Information, HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices, Consultation Attendance Policy, and New Patient Pain Consultation form. These documents will be emailed or mailed to you prior to your visit. 
  • Please bring the following items to your new patient visit
    • Current Medication List
    • ALL diagnostic imaging results of the area in question: CT Scans, X-ray, MRI
    • ALL EMG/Nerve Conduction results of the area in question 
    • Medical history or hospitalizations
    • Mental health records, diagnosis, and treatment
    • Last 2 Office Visit Notes/Progress Notes
    • Documentation of any recent therapies for your chronic pain (physical therapy, chiropractic care, injections, and others)
    • Any pertinent surgical records

What to Expect During your Consultation Appointment?

  • Check in 15-30mins prior to your appointment time to ensure all prior documentations have been completed
  • A photo identification document and insurance card will be reviewed by the front desk prior to your check in. 
  • After check in, a clinical assistant at MVM Health will measure and record your blood pressure, weight, height and medication list. You will be asked some details about your pain symptoms as well as source of referral (if applicable). 
  • You will have a short wait while your primary symptoms are presented to the physician responsible for your visit. 
  • The physician will see you, perform a thorough physical exam, discuss some of the potential causes of your pain, then finalize your individualized plan of care
  • Prior to your departure, we may discuss the prior authorization process for therapeutic interventions, arrange for additional referrals for diagnostic (imaging) or treatments (physical therapy) or schedule you for a follow up evaluation. 
  • The clinical notes from your new visit and follow up visit will be sent to your referral source or primary care provide.
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